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What Men Can Do to Stop Domestic Violence

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While many men are responsible for the majority of domestic violence, it is important that we recognize the majority of men are not abusive in their relationships. Non-abusive men may not realize it but they have the potential to make an enormous difference in helping to stop domestic violence and sexual assault.


Many men will come into contact with domestic violence in their daily lives. This can be through the workplace if they are a magistrate, judge, solicitor, police officer, doctor, nurse, social worker, psychologist, pastor, priest or crisis support worker. Others may come into contact with domestic violence in their personal lives: it might be their neighbor, a friend, a family member or an acquaintance who is affected by domestic violence.

There are many opportunities for men to support female victims by speaking up about other men’s violence. Some are listed below:

  1. Be a positive role model for other men. If you know somebody who is abusive toward their partner tells them their behavior is not okay and they need to get help to stop.
  1. Be a positive role model for children. If you know a child who is without a positive adult male figure you can help to provide consistent support and help the child to make a safety plan.
  1. Speak out against domestic violence. This can have a powerful effect in helping change attitudes and social norms that support and perpetuate abuse.
  1. Take on a leadership role in your community e.g. sports club, university, neighborhood association or church group, and use this opportunity to speak out against violence in the home.
  1. Understand how your own attitudes and actions may perpetuate sexism and violence.
  1. Confront sexist, racist, homophobic and all other prejudiced remarks or jokes.
  1. Don’t buy magazines, movies, music or watch television programs that portray women in a sexually degrading or violent manner.
  1. Organize or join a group to raise awareness of and work against domestic violence. This might be at university, your workplace or among friends.
  1. Reach out or join a group to raise awareness of and work against domestic violence. Gently ask her if you can help. Never put the blame on the victim of domestic violence.
  1. Participate in local community events to raise awareness of domestic violence and join campaigns.

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Jerry Farsoun

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In 2008 he set the world aviation record for the longest solo and unassisted ultralight flight in a powerchute around mainland Australia. This was to help reduce the stigma and raise awareness of depression with an emphasis on suicide prevention.

He spent the near decade researching technology to help people who felt vulnerable and in 2015, began developing a platform that helped anyone who was in need and may not be in a postion to put a call out for help.

He was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2017 and his company was a finalist in Business of the Decade in 2018.

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