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Keeping Children Away from Online Predators

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When it comes to keeping your children safe online, communication is key, experts say.

Online Predators

According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center, 1 in 7 youth is contacted by an internet predator.

When it comes to keeping your children safe online, communication is key, experts say.

Setting boundaries for social media use and online chats, and talking to your kids about dangers lurking on the internet may be the best way to keep them from falling victim to a predator.

Maintaining boundaries.

Being able to talk with your children about safe practices and knowing what they’re doing is critical.



  • Be smart about what you post on social media and what you say to others. The internet is more public and permanent than it seems.
  • Proactive or suggestive names and pictures can draw unwanted attention from strangers.
  • Be wary of a person who initiates contact by sending you a compliment or tries to flatter you.
  • End contact if a stranger talks to you about sex online or begins asking personal questions.
  • Talk to a parent or trusted adult if someone is acting inappropriately with you.
  • Be cautious if someone requests meeting you in person. You may think you know them well, but they may be deceiving you. Tell your parents or a trusted adult.


  • Know your children’s user names and passwords to all of their devices, apps, email, and social media accounts. Randomly check the accounts. Be upfront with your child about your access and reasons why.
  • Talk to your child about potential online dangers and sexual victimization.
  • Set rules for computer use for your children; teach them the responsible use of online resources.
  • Monitor the amount of time your children spend online. Excessive use, especially late at night, may indicate a problem.


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Jerry Farsoun

Jerry Farsoun, a social entrepreneur who for more than a decade has been championing the personal safety space using technology.

In 2008 he set the world aviation record for the longest solo and unassisted ultralight flight in a powerchute around mainland Australia. This was to help reduce the stigma and raise awareness of depression with an emphasis on suicide prevention.

He spent the near decade researching technology to help people who felt vulnerable and in 2015, began developing a platform that helped anyone who was in need and may not be in a postion to put a call out for help.

He was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2017 and his company was a finalist in Business of the Decade in 2018.

The personal safety platform is called Leelou launched on the AppStores in 2018 is keeping us safer anywhere, anytime by always being available to provide immediate personal protection so we can enjoy some of the freedoms to live as we choose.

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